Mateusz Ostapko


My name is Mateusz Ostapko. I am a front-end developer.

Things I know well

Stuff I dabbled in


Since the beginning of 2023 I have been employed at Pentacomp as a front-end Angular developer in healthcare sector. I can write semantic and accessible code and know the WCAG standards.

Previously, I worked at MobileMS where I contributed to numerous projects, such as:


Thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme I was lucky enough to have studied at universities in Poland, Malta and Turkey:

About me

When it comes to my personal interests, I love travelling, riding motorcycles, flying drones and analog photography. Other than that, I enjoy studying linguistics. Of course this doesn't make me a polyglot but I do speak a couple of languages:

Lately I have been interested in learning Swedish, so with some luck and dedication, in the near future I will be able to add it to the list above :)

Contact me

Feel free to drop me an email at